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Vetprom AD exports more than 40% of its produce

The intellectual property of the company comprises the trade mark Vetprom AD and 50 assortment trade marks, registered in Bulgaria, as well as 5 trade marks registered abroad

Vetprom AD has the largest capacities in the country for production of aluminum tubes for perfumery, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries and household chemicals

Historical review. Legal status

The Plant for veterinary products in the town of Radomir is the first specialised producer of veterinary medicine products created in Bulgaria. It is situated 35 km away form the city of Sofia.
It was erected as a successor of the veterinary and animal breading co-operative society for production and sale of veterinary medicines, chemicals and laboratory devices, which was established in Sofia in the ‘40s. In 1956 the production activity was set up in a state industrial enterprise named Vetprom.

A production shop named Vetprom was commissioned into operation in 1970, then amalgamated with a factory for metal packing to become a Plant for veterinary products and metal packing.
In 1991 the plant was reorganized into a privately-owned shareholder society Vetprom AD on the authority of an order of the Minister of the Industry.
Presently the company is registered as a private company according to the Trade Law.

Objects of activity

Production of: veterinary medicinal products, human medicinal products, synthetic substances, cosmetic goods, aluminium tubes and aerosol flasks; sale in the home country and abroad; marketing, research and development, investment and construction activities, services and other activities not prohibited by the legislation.

* Veterinary medicinal products comprising all pharmacological groups – antibiotics, analgesics, spasmolytics, antihelmintic agents, vitamins and antiseptics and all kinds of finished medicinal products; sterile and non-sterile solutions; ointments; powders and tablets; aerosols and products for intramammary application – for the purposes of:

- Prevention and treatment of non-contagious and infectious diseases in all kinds of animals;
- General prevention, reduction of morbidity and growth stimulation;
- Anti-parasitic and disinfectant agents.

* Human medicinal products presented by a solution for injections  in ampules, syrups, ointments, creams, gels.

* Additives – vitamin C – solution for oral use and syrups.

* Cosmetic products –Vaseline -  dermatological and honey and massage creams:

* Aluminium tubes and aerosol flasks for the perfumery and cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industries and everyday products chemistry. Vetprom AD   is among the biggest manufacturers in the country, which have established themselves through their high-quality produce. The great technical capabilities and the accumulated experience are factors which guarantee that the requirements of even the most demanding clients regarding quality, state-of-the-art design, colour and availability of the finished products be met.

Main equipment, design capacities

Vetprom AD has capacities to produce:

a/ Veterinary and human medicinal products represented by the following pharmaceutical dosage forms:
- sterile and aseptically filled solutions in ampules of 2 to 20 ml;
- sterile and aseptically filled solutions in bottles of 50 to 500 ml;
- non-sterile solutions in 100 to 1000 ml vials;
- Ointments, creams, gels and intra-mammary syringes;
- Powders and tablets;
- Aerosol forms.
b/ Cosmetic products – Vaselines and massage creams
c/ Aluminium tubes for the perfumery and cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industries and everyday products chemistry. The company’s disposal is the biggest capacity and the most up-to-date equipment in Bulgaria.
d/ Contract manufacturing and joint production with local and foreign companies.
Vetprom AD  disposes of own warehousing facilities to store finished products and raw materials, including liquids with a company owned unloading station.

The production facilities of the company are situated on two sites. The company owns water sources, railway junctions, a boiler house and double-source electricity supply.
The production shops and units are equipped with sophisticated machines, equipment and complete manufacturing lines. More than 80 percent of them are procured from reputed companies from Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

Intellectual Property

The intellectual property of the company comprises the trade mark Vetprom, and 50 assortment trade marks, registered in Bulgaria and 5 abroad.

The development and registration of new products of all the manufactured groups, the improvement and keeping current of the existing production processes and the adoption of new processes, the bringing of the production activities in compliance with the GMP and ISO requirements is carried out employing the company’s own resources and with the aid of R&D centres in the country.
VETPROM has certificate for system introduced ISO 9001&2000 №Q 030411  from 29.01.2002. and system GMP №Q 030411 G from 27.10.2003, integrated within.


More than 40% of the produce is designated to export in about 10 countries in the world. The company’s export list products are known and well accepted in Europe, Asia and Africa. Vetprom AD has a long-lasting record of exporting its products to Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, Moldavia, Macedonia, Iran, Iraq, Tunisia, Mongolia, Bangladesh etc. under the PHARMACHIM trade name.
The biggest share on the internal market have the sales of veterinary medicinal products, followed by the aluminium tubes and human medicines.

In the course of the work with partners and clients the management and the specialists of the company have built and firmly incorporated a company style of communication which distinctions are correctness, precision, distinguished culture and professionalism. The building, strengthening and expanding of the home distribution network guaranties the appreciable presence of the company on the market and regular creation of new, trustworthy business relations. The constant direct contacts with the clients are the best milestones towards the proper goal of high standard in meeting the requirements of the consumers.

Vetprom AD guarantees competitive prices and proven quality meeting the requirements of the European standards.

Deserved Recognition

For its exceptional export performance Vetprom AD won the “Exporter of the Year 2012" prize of he site exporter.bg.



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